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pic1.jpgForestry offers opportunities for national and international investors in forest growing and producing.

There is a wealth of experience within the Marlborough Forest Industry Association and information can be obtained through field days and seminars run by the Association, and through employment of forest managers and consultants.

Increasing numbers of investors enjoy the lifestyle benefits of owning their own private forest. These include hunting and fishing and, in Marlborough, the additional opportunity to enjoy the fine lifestyle, location, climate and, of course, wine - all in a pristine environment.

pic3.jpgLand prices for forestry development range from $1500 per hectare to $2500 per hectare. Suitable land for future forestry plantings is readily available as restructuring of hill country farming takes place. There is also the potential for landowners to diversify their land use with production forest plantings on farms.

The type of land available for forestry development ranges from reverted farmland to non-utilised areas with an altitude range between 100 and 1000 metres above sea level. The most suitable and cost effective opportunities are offered by the conversion of marginal farmland areas, without too much weed cover, into forest.

Forestry taxation, as with most taxes, is subject to change over the years. Investors should therefore obtain advice from their advisors regarding the tax implications of a forest investment.

Overseas Investors
The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) administers the New Zealand Government's foreign investment policies. The core work of the Office is to assess applications for consent from foreigners who intend making substantial investments in New Zealand.

For all overseas investment cases contact needs to be made with OIO before foreign investors purchase a property. To view link to consent requirements CLICK HERE

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