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    Benefits of walking in the forest

    Do you feel refreshed after walking in a forest? You are not alone. There is a growing body of evidence that being among trees is good for health and good for the heart. The Japanese call this forest bathing (Shinrin). Click here to see more.

    Click here for a full report.

    Click on youtube presentation for a clear explanation of the benefits of walking, or just being in the forest.

    Shinrin forest therapy has been well proven in Japan and has become well recognised in Japan and Korea and is being seen as a way of encouraging forests near cities. The forest therapy effect also applies when people smell freshly cut wood chips, and who smell the wood in a new house. The effects on people can be easily tested with a simple saliva test. For a 17 page detailed explanation click here

    A conference in Switzerland covered the therapeutic effects of being in a forest. Several of the abstracts are in English and make interesting reading. Click here

    A study in Austria measured the effects of different landscapes on heart rates. It found that the forest landscape was calming while the waterfall was envigorating. Click here for the report.

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