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    Resource Management Act


    The Resource Management Act (1991) (RMA) is the principal legislation for all of New Zealand's natural resources (land, air, water and ecosystems) and physical resources (soils, geology and the built environment) as well as noise, pollution and geothermal activities. This Act applies to most forestry activity and, when well implemented, forestry can create positive outcomes to the intent of the Act.

    The purpose of the Act is found in section 5, which states:

    1. The purpose of this Act is to promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.
    2. In this Act, "sustainable management" means managing the use, development, and protection of natural resources in a way, or at a rate, which enables people and communities to provide for their social, economic, and cultural well-being and for their health and safety while ..
      1. Sustaining the potential of natural and physical resources (excluding minerals) to meet the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations; and
      2. Safeguarding the life-supporting capacity of air, water, soil and ecosystems; and
      3. Avoiding, remedying or mitigating any adverse effects of activities on the environment.

    Local Authorities, such as Marlborough District Council are required to develop Resource Management Plans under the Act.

    Activities in these plans can be described as:


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    A permitted activity is allowed without a resource consent if it complies with conditions in the plan.



    A controlled activity requires a resource consent and is allowed if the activity complies with standards and terms specified in the plan.



    A discretionary activity requires a resource consent and the Council retains a discretion about whether or not it will grant a resource consent. The Council may restrict the exercise of its discretion to those matters specified in a plan for that activity.



    A non-complying activity is allowed if a resource consent has been obtained. Non-complying activities are those that contravene a rule but are not prohibited.



    The activity is not allowed.

    For all forest activities consult the Marlborough District Plans or contact Marlborough District Council.

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