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    The BERL report “The Economic Contribution of The Forest Industry 2008” estimated that in 2007, the forest industry in the Marlborough region employed 456 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs).
    The main employment areas were:
    Forestry; Logging; and Services to Forestry 185 FTE’s
    Solid Wood Processing 270 FTEs.

    The Log Sawmilling sub-sector is made up of sawmilling, timber drying, preservative treatment, planning and moulding. Sawmilling is a major employer within the Solid Wood Processing subsector.

    Harvesting crews are supported by several established transport companies, supplying the local mills and delivering logs to the ports. They are also supported by roading/earthwork business's involved in establishing new forestry roads and skid sites.

    The MFIA actively encourages all members to use only suppliers/contractors who have a current and active Health and Safety Management System which also includes a working alcohol and drug testing policy.

    The forest industry has a nationwide "on-job" training scheme to encourage employees to join the industry as a career choice and to continue to improve their skills via a structured personal training path. Forest Industries Training are members of the Association and provide valuable "at work" and formal training support. (Refer to Links/Forestry Organisations - Forest Industries Training).

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