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      Age Class Distribution Planted Production Forest Marlborough as at 1 April 2009
    Age Class Graph

    (Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry NEFD)

    As at April 2009 there are 71 400 hectares of planted production forest in Marlborough of which 95% is radiata pine (a native of California) with the balance in Douglas Fir, Eucalyptus and Cypress.

    Marlborough has favourable growing conditions for plantation forestry and radiata pine will produce about 500 cubic metres of logs from a hectare of land in 28-30 years.

    Most of the forest plantings are located in the wetter parts of Marlborough which receive adequate rainfall ensuring good growth rates.

    Marlborough's forest age class distribution shows an increasing area that can be harvested in the future. There was a significant peak in new forest area planted each year, during the mid to late 1990s.

    The region now has a sound infrastructure to cope with the current expansion of harvesting and processing. Economies of scale indicate a further increase to around 100,000 hectares planted area would enhance the potential of the local industry by offering a resource base for larger scale processing.


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